2020 new arrival One Color PP Drinking Straw Extruder straw making machinery

  • 2020 new arrival One Color PP Drinking Straw Extruder straw making machinery
  • 2020 new arrival One Color PP Drinking Straw Extruder straw making machinery
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Product Description

MOQ 1 set
Supply Ability 20 sets per Month
Shipping port Qingdao port, Shandong, China
Packing details Fumigation-free wooden case outside, stretch film inner
Relevant spare parts free, delivery with processing line
Guarantee Within 12 months
Oversea service Provide installation and commissioning after machine arrived your factory
Payment terms 30% is paid by T/T as the down payment, 70% is paid by T/T or L/C before shipment.
Delivery time 30 days after receipt the deposit
Pre-shipment When it finished, we will invite you to our company to inspect machines, when no problem, we will arrange the shipment

Our Service
Pre-sales service:
• Introducing in detail features and application of the products to customer 
• Selecting rconomical and practical machine&equipment for customer
• Providing operation data of the related machine&equipment
• Providing means of trial performance for customer

Sales service:
• Recommending engineering conditions required for installation of the machine&equipment
• Communication in time the manufacturing progress of the machine with user

• Providing assistance in technical conditions,screw combination and barrel disposition needed for product

After-sales service:
• Poviding on-the-spot technical assistance in installation,commissioning and training
• Filling in detail customer's information
• Providing long-term maintenance service and spare parts
• Giving technical support to customer for developing new product
• Providing free maintenance for a year

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