Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine/Microwave Vacuum Dryer

  • Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine/Microwave Vacuum Dryer
  • Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine/Microwave Vacuum Dryer
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1. The microwave is an electromagnetic wave having a frequency of 300 MHz to 300 GHz. The substance in the heating medium in the water molecule is a polar molecule. It changes rapidly under high-frequency magnetic field, and its polar orientation changes with the change of external electric field, which produces the interaction between molecular motion and friction. This microwave field can convert the heat in the medium into heat energy. The temperature rises, heats and puffs a series of physical and chemical processes to achieve the purpose of microwave heating and drying.
2. This type furnace for continuous baking, suitable for mass productionproduction, while a single product production factory, more cancooperate to assembly line production, the efficiency is greatly increased, fuel cost is greatly reduced, and production of the product quality is stable and conforms to the requirement of national food department of food safety, save manpower, baking according to
different products, the transmission speed is adjustable.

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