Multifunction Customized Microwave Vacuum Tray Drying Machine for Agricultural Products

  • Multifunction Customized Microwave Vacuum Tray Drying Machine for Agricultural Products
  • Multifunction Customized Microwave Vacuum Tray Drying Machine for Agricultural Products
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Microwave dryer is more and more popular nowadays.Microwave energy is converted into direct effects on heat.Microwave has penetrating performance inside and outside the media heating at the same time. Microwave can saving drying time and aviod the raw material becoming metamorphism or coking the overheat environment,The drying effect is good for seafood,tea,mushroom and so on.


1.High Efficiency: This processing speed is four times higher than normal drying processing.
2.Uniform Heating: The machine is Micro Wave for heating, So the inner and outer of the raw material will be heated at same time. Then the heating and drying will be very uniform.
3.Easily Controlling: Because of the Micro Wave Heating, so the machine can work continuously. And the power of Micro Wave is easy adjusting without any inertia, so the processing is easy operation and easily controlling. All of the data for Micro Wave can be set by Touch screen.
4.Sterilizing: Micro wave equipments always get functions of sterilizing, fats heating and clean. So the finished products are higher quality with long storage time.
5.The machine comes with Camera for production monitoring.

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