Leaves Dryer Machine Industrial Conveyor Dryer Grain Drying Equipment

  • Leaves Dryer Machine Industrial Conveyor Dryer Grain Drying Equipment
  • Leaves Dryer Machine Industrial Conveyor Dryer Grain Drying Equipment
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Product structure:

1. The oven consists of chamber body, vacuum system, protection system, electrical control system, etc.
2. The cabinet adopts advanced mechanical equipment, advanced technology, smooth lines and beautiful appearance
3. The inner box is made of 3mm thick high-quality stainless steel wire drawing board that has been polished to reinforce the crucible. The outer box is made of 1.2mm-thick high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet that is electrostatically sprayed after special treatment on the surface.
4. High-performance sealing material and unique silicone rubber sealing structure are used between the door and the door frame to ensure good sealing and aging resistance.
5, the vacuum system consists of domestic high-quality vacuum pump (optional), stainless steel vacuum valve, stainless steel connecting pipe and pointer vacuum pressure gauge.
6. There is a stainless steel sample rack in the box, which can be disassembled and cleaned easily.
7. The door of the cabinet is tempered and the bulletproof double glass door observation window is installed. The glass window is installed in the middle of the door, and the changes of the internal test articles during the test process can be clearly observed.
8. Vacuum system: The studio is a closed space and is connected to a vacuum pump and a pressure sensor through a vacuum line. The vacuum pump continuously works to extract the gas in the working chamber. The pressure in the working chamber will become smaller and lower than the standard atmospheric pressure. The intake valve will induct the air and balance the pumping gas to obtain the required vacuum degree. A hand valve is installed in the front stage of the vacuum pump to manually adjust the pumping volume of the vacuum pump. This vacuum pump is equipped with a ballast valve. When the pump is used for steam extraction, make sure the gas ballast valve is open.


Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator is mainly used to dehydrate and dry agricultural and sideline products, health products, food, medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables, chemical raw materials, heat-sensitive wood . For chemical products of low temperature concentration, crystallization water removal from dry, enzymes, etc.; Vacuum extraction of Chinese herbal medicine; Suitable for scientific research institutions laboratory.

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