Biggest Discount! Well Made Meat Grinding Machine on Sale

  • Biggest Discount! Well Made Meat Grinding Machine on Sale
  • Biggest Discount! Well Made Meat Grinding Machine on Sale
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This big meat grinder can produce different sizes of minced meat and slices by changing the cutter. No obvious temperature rise can be made on the products, so the minimum bacteria level can be maintained for your products while the hemoglobin can be properly preserved, greatly improving the shelf life of your products. It also boasts of easy operation and high productivity and efficiency.

Dimension Voltage Power Capacity Speed N.W.
T-12 440*270*385mm 220 V 0.85 KW 120kg/h 180/218r/m 29KG
T-22 385*240*415mm 220 V 0.75 KW 120kg/h 170/200r/m 26 kg
T-32 540*350*560mm 220 V 1.5 KW 120kg/h 165/190r/m 50 kg


1. high efficiency, mixing speed
2. simple operation, easy to ease
3. automatic discharge, lower labor intensity
4. arranged in a unique form of rotating teeth to make the material more evenly mixed, single-added material for more
5. the unique three-layer sealed to protect the equipment longer life, easier cleaning

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