Wz Industrial Microwave Vacuum Dryer/Drying/Drier Oven for Pharmaceutical/Herbal Paste

  • Wz Industrial Microwave Vacuum Dryer/Drying/Drier Oven for Pharmaceutical/Herbal Paste
  • Wz Industrial Microwave Vacuum Dryer/Drying/Drier Oven for Pharmaceutical/Herbal Paste
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This machine is suitable for low temperature dry of thermal sensitive materials, especially for sold Chinese medicine, honey, bee products, etc. Adjustable vacuum is with this equipment and get high dry speed, it can advance more for product quality and get features of equal heating, easily control and convenient installation, etc. It is widely used in heating sterilizing, ripped of medicine, biology product and forming products. It has special excellent efficient for several kinds of pellet, granule drying., As same, this microwave vacuum dryer comes sterilizing function and has features of adjustable power, intelligent control. Safety and sanitation product will be produced by it with long storage period.

1. The tunnel structure, continuous feeding and discharging, fast drying and sterilization
2. Low temperature sterilization, sterilization temperature is only 65-85℃, sterilization time only 3-5min
3. PLC and touch screen control, temperature, power and transmission speed is adjustable easily
4. For packaging food sterilization, does not destroy the nutrient component of material

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