Gas Heating Belt Type Hot Air Dryer for Food

  • Gas Heating Belt Type Hot Air Dryer for Food
  • Gas Heating Belt Type Hot Air Dryer for Food
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Introduction Of microwave drying machine :

The microwave drying machine is used for all kinds of material drying, heating, ripening, killing insects and removing green and so on.The microwave dryer machine is widely used in foood, vegetable, herbs and other industrial.Microwave dryer is customized according to customers' demands.

Name Flower Microwave drying machine
Power 120kW
Type Conveyor Tunnel Belt
Microwave Output Power 100kW Tunnel structure, Power can be adjusted
Microwave Frequency 2450MHz±50MHz
Dimensions 8500*810*2000㎜
Height of Feeding 55mm
Width of Conveyer Belt 1200mm
Conveyor Speed 0.5~10 m/min
Operating Temperature -5~40℃

Packaging & Shipping

1. Daub coal oil on the surface of the machines.
2. Plastic film as the inner packing.
3.Train, ship or depend on clients' requirement

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